14 years ago my skin was going crazy with breakouts. I had no idea how to take care of my skin, and nothing from the drugstore was working. I hosted a party for a friend who just started her business, earned my product almost free, and two weeks later my skin was clear! 


After five months of considering becoming a consultant, I made the decision to join to get my products at wholesale and service my friends and family. My goal was to make $50-100 each week to pitch in for groceries, and I also wanted to get out of the house for some girl time. That's it! I didn't know how to dream any bigger let alone believe I could do much with this business.


Thankfully, God had bigger plans for me than I did for myself. Five months after I began working, I was able to replace the $800 loss each month after my husband accepted a new job. A year later I became a Sales Director, and my unit and I earned a Chevy Equinox to drive free for two years! 


As in life, there have been ups and downs in my business journey. After being a Sales Director for five years, I took a step back for family and personal reasons. What a blessing it was to hang onto my business while I needed personal time! 


In May 2013, we came back more solid and renewed as a new unit again promoting me back to Sales Director position, and we have earned the use of THREE more career cars!


We have represented the #10 unit in our National Area for several years, and we grew to #6 last year! This year we are earning our unit's first pink Cadillac and the Area's first Top Director Trip to be among the top 1% in the company!!


I am so blessed to have these women in my life who have enriched me, and I am thankful for the self improvement I have achieved through my business! My passion is to help women love themselves (almost!) as much as God loves them and change generations when those same women show their children how to love themselves.


As we build the Light National Area, I welcome you to join in our journey, find your own passions and celebrate your successes! I look forward to working with you! 


With love from your Sales Director,







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